Terms and Conditions

  1. 1. This promotion is called the “The Opera Merrylands 8% settlement rebate September 2020” (promotion) conducted by the developer and its related entities of Level 2, 74 Macquarie Street, Parramatta NSW 2150.
  2. 2. This promotion commences at 9:00am (Australian Eastern Standard Time – AEST) on Wednesday 9 September 2020 and concludes at 12:00am on Saturday 31 October 2020 (AEST).
    The promoter may in its absolute discretion end the promotion at any time.
  3. 3. This promotion allows an eligible Purchaser of the following Dyldam Apartments: The Opera Merrylands, to receive an 8% rebate on the property price upon settlement, with the exchange of an unconditional contract with 10% deposit by 31 October 2020 (AEST).
    For the purposes of clarity, an eligible Purchaser is the Purchaser noted on the front page of the Contract of Sale and satisfies the conditions set out in clause 4 below.
  4. 4. To be eligible to receive the rebate, the Purchaser must:
    • a. be an Australian resident; AND
    • b. be 18 years or over; AND
    • c. The purchaser must unconditionally exchange a Contract to Purchase an apartment at The Opera Merrylands, 228 Pitt Street Merrylands, within the term of the promotion; AND
    • d. Pay a non-refundable deposit to the value of 10% of the agreed purchase price within the promotion period.
    • The Promoter may exercise its absolute discretion in determining the eligibility of the Purchaser and may refuse granting the promotion to the Purchaser if it is not satisfied with conditions set out in 4.a. – 4.d.

      The promoter may exercise its absolute discretion to offer an instalment program to pay the 10% deposit or whether a full 10% deposit is required during the promotion period.

      For the purpose of clarity, unconditional exchange will only be recognised when the exchange is accompanied with payment of the full 10% deposit noted in clause 4.d.

  5. 12. Under no circumstances whatsoever is the rebate transferable or exchangeable.
  6. 13. Under no circumstances is the Purchaser to request for the promotion to be exchanged for a reduction in the purchase price of an apartment in its stead.
  7. 14. Under no circumstances is promotion to be used in conjunction with other offers unless otherwise specifically stated in writing between the director of the developer or its related entity, the agent and the potential Purchaser’s legal representative. Should the Purchaser claim this promotion in conjunction with another, then the Promoter reserves its rights to recover the value of the promotion which is of higher value.